Implementing Operating System #5

What is an Interrupt?

  • Task handler
  • Interrupt handler
  • Trap handler

Creating a Generic Interrupt Handler

  • Push the registers on the stack.
  • Call the C function interrupt_handler.
  • Pop the registers from the stack.
  • Add 8 to esp (because of the error code and the interrupt number pushed earlier).
  • Execute iret to return to the interrupted code.

Loading the IDT

global  load_idt

; load_idt - Loads the interrupt descriptor table (IDT).
; stack: [esp + 4] the address of the first entry in the IDT
; [esp ] the return address
mov eax, [esp+4] ; load the address of the IDT into register eax
lidt eax ; load the IDT
ret ; return to the calling function

Programmable Interrupt Controller (PIC)





Software engineering undergraduate

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Tharushi Chamalsha

Tharushi Chamalsha

Software engineering undergraduate

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